Most people using a gas central heating so therefore most of us didn’t know what oil central heating. After I knew that one of my friends using oil central heating and since I am using the gas one, I did a research to know if what the advantages of using gas heating system are. However I found out there are more disadvantages than advantage from using it.

So below are the pieces of information I found!

What are the advantages of oil central heating?

  • The biggest and most attractive advantage for installing oil central heating is the fact that oil is a very efficient fuel, so you will enjoy a good return on every unit of energy.
  • Oil heating is a good option if your household is not connected to the mains gas network (often rural properties)

What are the disadvantages of oil central heating?

Oil is expensive and is likely to rise in cost.

  • As oil is delivered by road there is a possibility that you could run out while you wait for your next delivery. Usually it is monitored and your supplier will be notified.
  • Installing an oil central heating system from scratch can be expensive and disruptive. The storage tank can also be a bit of an eyesore but you could always get an underground one.
  • These boilers will need servicing every year to make sure they run as well as they should do.

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