Do I need to replace my air conditioning system?

Not always. In many cases all that is needed is a simple cleaning and tune up. It may be more cost effective to replace your air conditioner if the system is old, inefficient or in need of repair. Compared to jut 10 years ago the AC systems manufactured now are 60% more efficient. This means big savings on your monthly energy bill.

If I need my system replaced what is it going to cost me?

Cost is affected by many things like the size of your home, the condition of your air ducts and the number of accessories needed. Getting a free estimate and comparing prices will help you save. Be sure estimates are detailed in writing so you can compare “apples to apples.” In many cases financial assistance and DWP vouchers are available to make the cost more affordable.

On average low long does a new system last?

With regular preventative maintenance and service completed by a qualified HVAC technician, air conditioners last about 12-15 years on average.

To make my system last longer what type of preventive maintenance should I have done?

To make sure you stay comfortable all year long regular inspections should be performed to identify any leaks, rot, corroded electrical contacts and frayed wires.

Your blower should be tuned up as well. This includes having the axle lubricated, blades cleaned, fan belt adjusted and motor checked. Ducts should also be checked for leaks.

Thermostats should be checked to ensure that mechanical parts do not stick or lose their calibration and that switches are clean.

In-duct humidifiers should be checked to ensure mildew, mold and bacteria are not breeding. Filters should also be replaced regularly.

Air Ducts should be checked and cleaned if needed. Clean ducts will help equipment to last longer and lower energy costs.

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