How Can I Install My Own Radiant Heat Floor? - Q&A - Design2Share ...I always wanted to install floor heating system by myself. Now that I got a free time to conduct a research for a do-it-yourself installation, I finally found a very good source on how to do it with additional video tutorial with each step.

Below are the following tips that will surely help you. I just finished the whole tutorial and I found out it is not that hard.

Okay, so you’ve got your materials and tools and you’re ready to start. The manual that comes with your WarmlyYours product will be a wealth of information and easy to follow but maybe you’re a visual learner and you need to see installation in action. We created some short videos for just that reason which will help to map out the electric floor heating installation process. Check out our 5 Step Guide to Installing Your Floor Heating, click on the thumbnails to the left to view the video.

Step One: Preparing Your Floor

Step Two: Installing Your Floor Warming Roll

Step Three: Ensuring a Good Installation

Step Four: Wiring Your System

Step Five: Installing Your Flooring

Visit the source of the article for more installing information and watch their video tutorial at Warmly Yours.