Furnace RepairI just installed Gas furnace in my small company. However I want to troubleshoot it on my own so I wanted to learn how to do it. I spent few minutes for a research and I didn’t fail to learn it.

I just want to share it with you just in case you owned a gas furnace too at home. Below are few of information I want to share.

Let’s take a look at the more common problems and furnace repairs you may have to make with a conventional furnace.

Gas Furnace Produces No Heat
Possible Repairs

  • Check that thermostat is in heat mode and has appropriate temperature setting
  • Try moving dial setting up or down a few degrees
  • Clean contacts in thermostat if it is a non-digital type
  • Reset tripped circuit breaker
  • Replace blown fuse
  • Relight standing pilot light
  • Troubleshoot hot surface ignition ignition
  • Troubleshoot intermittent pilot ignition system
Blower Does Not Turn Off – Always Running
Possible Repairs
  • Change thermostat fan setting
  • Reset or replace furnace fan limit control switch
Gas Furnace Comes On and Off Too Frequently
Possible Repairs
  • Adjust thermostat heat anticipator
  • Replace dirty air filter
  • Oil blower motor lubrication ports (usually at each end of shaft) with light weight oil
  • Check for proper belt tension. Belt should depress about 1″ at center of span.
  • If too loose, tighten belt.
  • Replace frayed belt.
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