Selecting a New Water Heater | Department of EnergyAlmost homeowners who used HVAC wants to find some ways on how to lower their energy cost. And YES I am one of them. For this reason, I find ways on how to make this happened and save more money.

Continue reading below so you can also have the tips I applied to cut the energy cost I used for my heating system.

If your central heating system uses radiators (i.e. a ‘wet’ system), the ideal controls to have are:

A room thermostat – this allows you to set your preferred temperature, typically between 18°C – 21°C. As soon as the room reaches that temperature, the thermostat will switch off the hot water supply to radiators, then when the temperature drops it will turn back on again.

A cylinder thermostat (if you have a hot water tank) – this controls the temperature of hot water leaving the hot water storage tank. The thermostat is usually fitted to the tank itself, with the temperature sensor at the back, in contact with the cylinder inside. Your thermostat should be set to no more than 60°C. Any higher, and your energy bills could increase.

A programmer – this controls when your heating and hot water come on and go off, so you only have them on when needed. If you are unsure how to set your programmer, contact us for advice.

More information about this efficient ways to use you central heating can be read HERE. You can also get some tips on how to save your energy at home in an easy ways by visiting the link.