Winter is the greatest season for some people to hang out with family outside. However, our body temperature may drop when it expose longer in a very cold surrounding.

There is an easy solution to make your family feel warm after the long exposure from a cold draft. A working heating system is good enough in maintaining your home comfortable. Therefore, preparing your heating system for the winter is highly needed. Here I found on how to prepare your system before the winter season start.

Test Your Heating System and Humidifier

Test your heating system before you actually need it. Don’t wait until the last minute to make sure it’s working properly. Stand next to your indoor heating system and listen to it start up and make sure there aren’t any strange noises.

Test the humidifier—which usually needs a good cleaning every season—and any other accessories as well. Replace your humidifier’s water panel and open any dampers on the bypass lines. Check to see that the water supply is on and verify that there are no leaks. Be sure to check the drain, too. Pour water down the drain and make sure that it isn’t clogged.

Adjust the Dampers on Your Heating System

If you have manual dampers to redirect airflow based on the season, now would be a good time to adjust those. Remember – we want to send more of the heated air to the bottom floors of your home during the winter and reduce the airflow to the top floors. If the damper settings aren’t already labeled, label the winter and summer settings with a marker so you know where to set them next season.

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