Keeping your air conditioner more efficient isn’t that hard task to do. You only need to learn some basic knowledge.

Air Conditioner Maintenance TipsMatt Dunn an expert service technician for Rolf Griffin advised us to use a programmable thermostat. Using it will allow you to raise the temperature while you are not around and automatically cool the house before you get home.

Most common mistakes we do: Shutting off the AC on a daily basis.

“You’re shutting it off at the hottest part of the day, so when you come home, it’s 89 degrees in your house, and you want it to go to 70, it’s got 19 degrees to overcome, which it’s not going to be able to do during the heat,” Dunn said. “It’s going to catch up at night. So, if you can maintain that temperature a little closer to what you want during the day, it’ll be less on your energy bill than trying to overcome it all at once.”

Other things to remember

–          Check your filter every month

–          Clean the outside coil regularly

–          Give the condensing unit room to breathe

“The main thing is you want two to three feet around the outside of the condensing unit, so the air can flow there freely,” Dunn said. “That helps with the efficiency and it doesn’t have to work as hard to get to the temperature it needs to be to dissipate the heat outdoors.”


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