Reduce Costs Central Heating Tips I am using central heating system for almost 2 years now. These past few months I realized I need to use my system efficiency to lesser my electric bill.

So I did a research on how to make it happen and here what I found. These are already proven by me. I just want to share it to homeowners who also owned a central heating system.

Put out the pilot light

It’s the pilot light flame that gobbles up the gas, leaking away 24/7. I turned my boiler off completely from May to September (we have an electric shower, dry laundry in garden, boil a kettle to wash up) and in those five months used under £30 of gas. Now I feel justified in turning on the heating when it’s really useful. It also helps if you have a prepay meter so you can gauge exactly how much you’re using, and can afford, as you go along. Installation is free and you can top them up at thousands of shops everywhere. No more catastrophic gas bills to ruin your Easter, and less CO2 on your conscience too.
Gill Barron, Bentham

Degrees of separation
Heat only the parts of the house you are using and aim for the lowest acceptable temperatures, say 18 degrees in the living room, 15 in halls and 18 in the bedrooms (14 or lower once in bed). Don’t leave the heating on when you go out, unless there is a threat of freezing. Try wearing a jersey in the house and do your bit to combat climate change.
Frank Oldaker, Shrewsbury

Valuable valves
Turn radiators off in rooms where you don’t need heat, such as unused spare rooms. Thermostatic valves are especially useful as they can be used against frost protection. Thermostats are notoriously unreliable as they are often sited in unsuitable places, such as drafty halls – to be of any use they should be in the rooms you use most. Do not leave the boiler running overnight – it’s a fallacy that it is cheaper to do that rather than switch it off. Also, check your energy supplier to make sure you are getting the cheapest deal.
Paul Bowyer, Wiltshire

You can read the rest of the article and find more options here, The Guardian.