Air Conditioner Temperature

If you want to feel comfortable with the temperature around you every summer then you just have to play the (humidity) percentage. So the first thing you need to do is to reduce the relative humidity in your house. EPA recommends the “ideal” humidity level of 60% during summer and 25% to 40% in the winter.

You could also try the experiment below to find the sweet spot for your family.

When everyone is home, secretly set your thermostat to 81°F for few hours. See how your family reacts. Over the next few days for the same period of time, drop the temperature 2°F until you reach 71°F. Chances are that your family will be generally comfortable between 73°F and 79°F when they are active.

At night when you go to sleep, your core body temperature lowers and heat radiates from your extremities. A National Institute of Health study found the best sleep happens as the body reaches “thermoneutrality” when environmental temperatures are at 86°F (nude and uncovered) or 60 to 66°F (wearing pajamas and covered by one sheet).


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